My amazing support experience

Over the years, I have dealt with support from many different companies. Yet the one that immediately popped into my head after I had read this assignment comes from Siteground.

I am a customer of Siteground for about 4 years now, and during that period I have contacted their support several times. What instantly flips my mood when the agent replies first is their positive and cheerful mood – so even if I am frustrated, it calms me down because after few sentences I feel like I am chatting with a friend. I notice they usually do not dive into an issue straight away – the first question I get is something like ‘How’s your day going on?” and only then “How can I help you?”

Then, whatever issue I have, I always feel confident they know how to solve it. Basically, because it always happened so, whatever issue it was. I was not always happy (and still am not) of some of the characteristics of their actual hosting service, and some support chats ended not in the way I would have wanted, but even then I have always left with the feeling that the agent has done everything in his power to help me, and with clear understanding why something works/is done technically exactly like it does.

Another difference I notice very clearly, is that the support agent never rushes the chat – I don’t have the feeling that they try to just get rid of me quickly and close yet another routine chat session, in whatever way it ends. I have had this feeling talking with agents from other companies for sure. At the end of the chat, I am even asked if I need anything else or if I have any more questions. That gives me feeling that I have full attention and that I am important as a customer.

Funnily enough, Siteground’s great support made me use more of it. I am usually the person that uses customer support as the last measure, after I read the docs and googled extensively and tried at least several most popular suggestions. So to me this is another indicator of great customer service.

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